My Instagram strategy – 30k followers and counting

Hi guys,

This is just a publication about the Instagram strategy that I have been using to increase my pages recently. Some of my pages link to my e-commerce site, and I've discovered that I'm driving a good amount of traffic to my site through Instagram. The rest of my pages are being built with the hope of monetizing them in the future.

Please, give me some advice you have, if you have Instagram experience. This strategy has worked very well so far.

1 – Provide great content

The first stage is quite obvious. If you are going to build a genuine fan base, you need to create something that is interesting and attractive at the same time.

Planning is essential to help identify exactly which groups of people you are trying to involve and on what issues you will focus. In addition, the creation of a coherent information source, with each photo that complements the other, improves the overall feel of your page and clarifies exactly what your page is about.

2 – Objective of a niche

Niche hashtags are one of the best places to start, especially with new pages. When finding a hashtag with a lower publication volume, it is much more likely to be noticed. Over time, it may even appear in the "Major Publications" sections, which attract a lot of attention to your page.

3 – Create your own hashtag

Once you start earning a small number of followers, it's a great idea to create your own hashtag. Then, at least in some of your publications, encourage your fan base to use this hashtag as well. For example, if you run a baking page called Boo_Bakes, start having your followers use #boobakes when uploading pictures to bake. Often, if the photos are of high quality, you can republish this content on your own page with a link to the poster, which makes your page look super legitimate (since you clearly have fans) and offers free and easy content. But be careful to only do this for high quality publications.

4 – Share content

When you start to improve, it's a good idea to start sending messages to some of your followers, and to other pages similar to yours, to ask if you can republish one of your photos. This not only provides easy content, but also allows you to start establishing connections with other users. Most of the time, they will be willing to share one of your photos and a link to your page.

While Instagram is competitive, there are more than enough followers for everyone, so helping to create a page similar to yours is never a bad idea, especially if it gives your own page a boost!

5 – Participate!

Finally, and most importantly, interact with other users! Interact with your current followers by commenting on their photos and responding to their comments on your photos. Engage with potential followers by liking their photos (which is much easier and less likely to put you in trouble with Instagram than comments / spam tracking). Commit yourself to other large pages by tagging them on your photos and sending them private messages.

Social networks are exactly that, social networks. The only way to grow organically is to participate in the community that, ultimately, draws attention to your page. There are some automation tools that make this much easier, but my favorite so far has been SocialGrow. I've tried Instagress, but it's too complicated and I get the same SocialGrow results without that complication.

What are the experiences of other people with Instagram? Have you tried automation and how has it worked? Has anyone here built a page solely because of the potential to monetize it?

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