My favorite writing resources

Here are my favorite writing resources. Please, feel free to add to this because I am looking for new inspiration all the time. Obviously there are some important things that I missed here, but I found that all these links are very valuable for my writing career.


The editor's manual of Robert Bly

AdWeek's copywriting handbook by Joseph Sugarman

Avant-garde advertising by Eugene Schwartz

The well-fed writer by Peter Bowerman

The boro letters by Gary Halbert

Made to hit by Chip and Dan Heath


Copyhackers –

Copyblogger –

John Carlton –

Robert Bly –

Content Marketing Institute –

The Letter of Gary Halbert –


Hotcopy Podcast –

The truth about marketing:

High income commercial writing:

Hard to find seminars –


Formulas for editors –

Very good email samples –

Free copywriting worksheets –

Perry Marshall's readability grader: