My experience working for Clixsense.

I started working for clixsense several months ago. And I can say that it is one of the most respected polling sites. The most important part of this job is to complete the personal information correctly. All that is needed to get a survey is to honestly answer all the questions. The most interesting surveys were about apple products, shampoos, new medicine products … etc. It is a type of work and entertainment at the same time.
Clixsense is the only survey site that takes only a small percentage of the survey, which means that the income is high. The benefit of a survey can range from 30 cents to 3 dollars. Which means that the income is good. The minimum withdrawal is $ 10 through skrill. One more important thing is that you should not get frustrated if you do not meet the criteria of some surveys. This is very normal. It can take up to six or seven surveys to succeed in one. However, after the first successful survey and getting paid for it, working for clixsense will become addictive.