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My accident with

We are a hosting company and we had a problem on a server, with damaged cluster disks.
Not having the system administrator available due to a fever, we contact

We write to

We saw in the registry:

November 4 03:58:11 srv smartd [842]: Device: / dev / sda [SAT], 37 sectors currently illegible (pending)
November 4 03:58:12 srv smartd [842]: Device: / dev / sdb [SAT], 31 sectors currently illegible (pending)

Do you want to register?

I bought your service management and have analyzed the problem:
The SDA and the SDB may have the problem of an unreadable sector.
For now, I will suggest the following:
Replace SDA, then update us and we will rebuild the RAID synchronization.
Once the RAID synchronization is complete, we will do the same for SDB.

Datacenter wrote to me:
Make sure in advance that the GRUB boot loader is installed on both hard drives.
Then, you must reinstall the hard drive in the existing RAID arrays and wait for the resynchronization to complete.

So I wrote a 24×7 server manager: Is the GRUB boot loader installed on both hard disks?
24x7servermanagement wrote to me: it is obvious that the grub is installed, it is raid.

The data center changed the first SDB disk, the server was restarted and the raid was synchronized again.

Then, the data center changed the second SDA disk, the server does not restart. The server has been inactive for more than 14 hours because it did not start, more than 1000 sites on this server. Servermanagement has responded every time with different technicians and nobody has managed to solve the problem. Then, in desperation, I contacted the cloudlinux support and they wrote me:

Cloudlinux wrote to me:
Your problem was solved with the grub2-efi-x64 package, the system is online. However, there are fs errors, you probably need to fscheck and maybe verify the foray into the system.

Thanks to Cloudlinux, they have the best support in the world and always solve problems.

Then, once the server was started, the PDNS and cPanel PHP-fpm services did not start, so I wrote to servermanagement, they did not solve the problem, so I wrote to cpanel and they solved the problem.

In conclusion, my advice: I thought that the management of these servers was good, I was wrong, they are not able to solve the problems, they are incompetent, do not trust them.

I did not want to do this review, but the administration of the server made me suffer for more than 14 hours, they bothered me and deserve this review.

I asked the 24×7 server management for reimbursement for the damage they did to our company, nothing.

Do not trust the management of the server.