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Review and analysis of the project.

Is it possible to obtain income in ETH without negotiating in cryptocurrency exchanges? The answer is yes.
Project has developed an intelligent special contract that allows you to receive 3.33% of your deposit amount in your wallet daily, as long as there are funds!

In a period of 2016-2017, HYIP projects have been very popular, several companies present their developments, the scheme has already demonstrated its high and stable profitability … But in all cases, the administrators carry out SCAM projects and They took the whole box! is different from them. Let's take a closer look at the main features of this project …

This is a smart contract in the Ethereum network. To protect his clients in the smart contract, he described the function of "REJECTION OF PROPERTY", completely closing any access to Finance for any person. The entire process is automated and configured in such a way that even project owners do not have access to their finances.

Every day, each depositor can receive a transaction amounting to 3.33% of the total amount of their investment.

For a reliable and stable project operation, the developers have created a simple but unique system of financial distribution:

✅ 83% of all funds raised are used to pay users.

✅ 11% goes to the promotion of the project and advertising campaign.

✅ 3% must be provided for technical support

✅ 2% to the Employee Salary Fund

✅ 1% – mandatory expense to pay gas for the transaction (rates)

This distribution allows the most efficient use of user funds. The maximum efficiency of the allocation of funds allows the project to exist for an unlimited time and pay the funds daily.

The unique deposit protection system, which allows all deposits to be maintained safely and guaranteed, constantly increases the degree of protection.

The entire system is completely automated, the smart contract automatically distributes the funds and makes payments on a daily basis if you send a command for payment.
(Percentage withdrawal mode to avoid the possibility of attacks).

The system depends only on the Ethereum block chain, and does not depend on external factors.
The technical problems on the site do not affect the work of the project.

Estimated guarantee of the durability of simultaneous transactions for intelligent contracts – 2.4 million.

Each participant has the opportunity to request the payment of funds with the preferred frequency.

Reference program: the ability to receive additional funds when attracting new clients.

The smart contract is created "eternal" and does not have completion time (reactivate the function if there are no funds available in the contract).

You can start participating in the project with a minimum amount of 0.01 ETH, there is no upper limit. The more you invest, the more you get. Of course, the first investors get much more.

First, you must have an Ethereum wallet with a sufficient amount of funds. If you do not have a wallet, you have to register it. We recommend that the reliable and proven MyEtherWallet is perhaps the most popular cryptocurrency portfolio.

Then send Ethereum to the smart contract address:

(You can also find it on the official website of the project)

We recommend that you verify the success of the transaction at

Wait up to 24 hours after investing to get your first income of 3.33%. Obtaining the withdrawal simply sent "0" Ethereum to the smart contract address (as a command to withdraw).
Now, every 24 hours you can receive a withdrawal from Ethereum, as long as there are funds in the payment Fund.

Now the project is actively developing. Start on 03.09.2018 and the Fund has already raised more than 7 700 ETH (1 775 000 $). Project developers boast that more than 3800 and investors came to them, it's hard to imagine what will happen to the project in a month!

Smart contract developers conducted a thorough and detailed analysis of all existing similar projects and chose the most successful, took the best and combined it into one.
It is known that HYIP projects provide excellent passive income to their clients and allow stable and guaranteed profits, even with a minimum investment.
In the current market situation, when there is a serious reduction in trade, such projects are an excellent way to increase equity.

At the time of making the deposit, simply enter in the DATA field the address ETH 0x8af0097B434E587097B4bf0cc55d21a9e457505e to receive + 3.33% on your deposit (the system will post the contamination with a coefficient of + 3.33% (enter 100, the system is arranged as 103.33 ).
The reference payments are made through a transaction with automatic daily payments.

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