multilingual – Multi-language meta description for SEO

We run a website in Latvia in Latvian language. The thing is that the website mainly promotes free Bibles only in Russian and English languages. The Latvian audience fairy knows whether Russian or English.

So, what if we make the meta description with key words in those 3 languages (Latvian , Russian and English) so that search engines would index the website as fitting for Latvian residents who search both in Russian or English?

<meta name="description" content="bībele, bibele, bezmaksas 
bībele, bezmaksas bibele, pasūtīt bībele, pasutit bibele, 
библия, библия бесплатно, заказать библию, bible, free 
bible, order bible" />

The html tag lang property is LV: <html lang="lv-LV">

Is that correct, wise? If not, please explain.