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Mphone XR uses the AES encryption algorithm with a 256-bit key and TwoFish. This is done to ensure the reliability of the encryption. The AES-256 encryption algorithm is used in the US state structures. UU For the encryption of information classified as SECRET and SUPERIOR SECRET. Therefore, the use of a single AES-256 encryption algorithm already makes the information transmitted by MPHONE XR secure, and an additional Twofish overlay algorithm offers 100% perfect protection.

The security of voice calls is guaranteed by a combination of multiple technologies and protocols. For signaling (for example, on the beginning of a call), the SIP TLS protocol is used. The audio channel is protected by 256-bit AES / Twofish symmetric encryption, which uses ZRTP. The ICE Protocol decides which method to use for subscriber communication: if the connection through STUN has passed, P2P is used with ZRTP, if the proxy connection does not pass directly, then TURN with ZRTP is used.

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