Moving my operation to the cloud

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I currently have a reseller account that has cpanel and WHM. I have about 30 clients hosted. I want to learn how to create my own operation using Digital Ocean or the liquid web or whatever. Is there a good book / course / youtube channel, etc. Can you help me learn the whole configuration process from a basic cloud server?

I will suggest that you first try a cheap vps by installing and configuring cpanel, activating and deactivating many services such as ldap support and many other services present. Learn to optimize and secure a vps.

There are many videos on YouTube, but some of them are only useful.

Do not opt ​​for an unmanaged vps plan, take a managed vps plan, because you can not learn everything through Internet video, any problem can occur at any time due to several factors such as the attack of ddos, the load of the server.

Or, hire a professional who can manage your server.