movie: move within a still 3D image

I would like to understand how a certain type of image is made. In a way, it is a special movie effect, but it is also a 3D still image.

It shows a three-dimensional scene like what happens in a room at a specific moment in time. But it is possible to move within this scene. It's like moving a video camera along a path through a room, but what happens in the room freezes in a moment. It's like the slow motion effect in the movie. Matrix, except that the movement of the scene is not only slow, but does not change at all, while the perspective of the camera can move freely.

An example is a Comedy Centrals trailer scene This is not happening, where the camera moves through a chaotic party scene, with people dancing frozen in their pose, and water drops spilled from a falling cup does not move in the air: Keegan-Michael Key – Picking up a crack – This It's not happening – Uncensored in position 0:19

The name of the method would only be very useful, or some hint of how it is done.