motorola moto g – How to configure the default startup screen in Nougat / 7.1.1?

It is driving me crazy.

In a Moto G5s Plus (with Android 7.1.1), how do I configure the screen I want as the default, so that it is displayed when I press the Start button?

At this moment, the screen to the left (of 3 screens) is the default one. I wanted to set the medium as the default.

  • I already disabled Google Feed.

  • I already tried to keep a screen pressed, get the configuration view (change the order, delete, Widgets, etc.) but there is no icon (usually a "Start") at the top of the screen that must be pressed to set the default screen. I find this method everywhere but does not behave like this

  • I already tried to pinch with 3 fingers; nothing happens