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New mobile wallet of the global revolution to store your cryptocurrencies. Mobile wallet for Android and iOS (only download with your mobile phone).

Distribution of arbitration benefits (6% -18% per month) + reference commission 10 level width and 10 vertical depth levels. 1st level 100% profit and 2nd level at 10th level 10%. For example, you have 2 direct references and you will get vertical depth up to 2 commission levels. If you have 3 direct references, you can get a commission up to the vertical depth of 3 levels on your computer. Therefore, maximum 10 levels if you have 10 direct references. beercheers.gif

The multi-currency wallet with token allows users to store 8 main crypto currencies: Pluscoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, XRP, Doge coin, eos and Dash coin. The portfolio has 10 layers of cryptographic security protection. The original Samsung technology core of the Korean team was developed by the research and development laboratory in Seoul, South Korea.

Arbitration system: AI-Dog. Intelligent gain of the mobile brick robot. (Note: Minimum deposit of USD500 of the previous currency (by currency type) to activate AI-Dog.

Download the application and register here

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