Monetize each unique visitor to your website

I would like to present here a method of website monetization quite different from the one we call NeroHut.

What is NeroHut?
If you say that NeroHut is a miner of the web browser, do not be mistaken, however, unlike everything you've seen so far, NeroHut acts differently. Let me explain to you that, first of all, NeroHut is designed to be 100% non-intrusive to visitors, does not insert any visual element into the page or obstruct visitors in any way. Second, unlike other web browser miners you may have heard of (CoinHive, for example), NeroHut will only use approximately 20% of a visitor's CPU power (watch a high-definition video on YouTube it consumes approximately 10-15% more CPU than NeroHut).

How does NeroHut work?
Once you add our implementation code to your pages, every visitor who has your website will start mining for you. NeroHut can extract any currency based on CryptoNight, but we decided to bet on Monero, since it is the most profitable at the moment. While doing the extraction, your visitors will create shared resources for you, and upon finding a block, our system will automatically distribute the blocking value to all members who had at least 1 share.

How will you be paid and when?
NeroHut offers on-demand payments through PayPal and Monero. The minimum payment amount for PayPal is $ 1.00 and the minimum for Monero is 0.50 XMR.

Now, the big question. How much will you earn?
NeroHut, unlike other similar services, will ONLY use 20% of a visitor's CPU power. We are doing this for several reasons, such as not wanting to ruin the user experience on a website and want to keep our scripts free of ad blockers, for example.
That said, NeroHut does not intend to replace traditional advertising on an editor's website, we simply want to add more to the overall revenue of the website's publisher. It is very likely that NeroHut is not as effective as traditional advertising when it comes to generating revenue. However, unlike traditional advertising, NeroHut does not imply any type of action on the part of the user and is 100% passive. Think of NeroHut as a javascript code that you add to your pages as jQuery or Bootstrap. It just stays there without affecting anything, BUT it generates some extra money for you.

The bottom line is that if you want to squeeze more revenue from your website 100% passively and do nothing but add a line of code to your pages, NeroHut is definitely for you!

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