mojave – Make unrooted full-screen windows "rooted"

(Do not just tell Google this, think I'm asking about Android)

In MacOS, to my knowledge, there are currently two "types" of full-screen applications. The "rootless"One is used by many productivity applications (for example, browsers) and a small number of games (for example, KSP) .In most circumstances, it is activated by the green button in the upper left corner of the window. This type is compatible with Mission Control, Dock, and many overlays too.rooted"one is used by many games (for example, SC2) and has almost no productivity applications (none that I know of) .These are found in full screen at the beginning and, sometimes, windows can be opened with using + M, and They do not respect Mission Control, Dock and overlays at all.

I have a bad cover (Windows) application that runs in a window that can not be full screen or full screen window "rooted". I want to use the Mission Control to switch between applications while using it in full screen, because it has a terrible resolution in the windows.

Is there a solution or wrap for this problem?