mojave – Automatically mount the encrypted core storage volume (10.14.4+)

Before Mojave 10.14.4, macOS would automatically try to mount locked Core Storage volumes, and if the required password was found on the current user's keychain, this would happen automatically.

I took advantage of this behavior so far to allow me to have multiple encrypted volumes that are automatically mounted when I successfully log in to a user account on my encrypted startup volume.

However, macOS no longer seems to try to mount Core Storage volumes automatically, even though the necessary passwords are in my user keychain or in the system keychain, which forces me to manually mount them with the Disk Utility. This is not ideal, since it links the volumes with the user account, which means that if I close the session, the volumes are blocked again.

This behavior differs from the encrypted APFS volumes, which are mounted automatically exactly as before. I know that Apple is pushing us to change to APFS, but there is still no conversion for AppleRAID (I'm not willing to delete and restore a volume of several terabytes just to change), and I do not use Time Machine, which still does not support a volume. Backup APFS.

Is there any way to safely restore or emulate the previous behavior so that the volumes are unlocked automatically for all users?

In case the details of my configuration are useful; my start volume is an APFS encrypted volume that only my administrator account is authorized to unlock, but I use other standard user accounts (one for work, one for general use, etc.) when I actually use my system. Then I have an AppleRAID volume of several disks that use Core Storage encryption and a Time Machine disk encrypted with CS.