modeling – Doubt in cases of use, financial system of digital bank and credit card

Simple work of use cases.
Financial system of digital bank and credit card.

The idea is the following, create an online account through the application (App mobile) without having to go in a physical agency.
the user In the case that it is a problem, analyst does the authentication
For him client To carry out registration or carry out transactions, authentication of the analyst (employee of the bank).

The specifications of the use cases, UC1, for example, is it mandatory to start with the registration?

For example:

UC1 – Make registration

Description: The client can do the registration through the system interface.

Preconditions: It is necessary to have an Internet connection;

Post-conditions: "Successful registration" message.

Main actor: client

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Obs: consider the dotted arrow.

The diagram is also not sure if it is okay.