mobile – Need help making a decision – Flutter 2 vs. ReactNative

I need to start on a brand new product which is required to be available on the Web as well as Mobile apps (ios and android). Until Flutter 2 came I wasn’t interested in Flutter as it was one more language and platform to learn. My team’s prior experience is in React.js (Web) and React Native (ios and android). Server side experience mainly in Node and Python.

When Flutter 2 was announced it sounded like what we always wanted – one code which will build for all three UI platforms – ios, android and web.

My dilemma – should my team embark upon Flutter 2 (now that the initial euphoria of Flutter 2 has passed over) or even after that do I need to depend on React.js for web ? It does not make sense switching over to Flutter which requires learning a completely new language and a new framework for the team just for developing mobile apps. React Native has been doing quite well for us (it is still JS for the team whether front-end or the backend – a big advantage).
Looking forward to responses from the community.