microsoft teams – PowerShell returns “Failed to find the user on the channel roster” upon using Add-TeamChannelUser – Role Owner with MicrosoftTeams Module

I’m exploring PowerShell while also trying to come up with a Microsoft Team auto creation that involves Owner/Members of Private Channels being added based off .csv files. This is what I’ve come up with:

$NewTeamName = Read-Host -Prompt 'Name of new Team'
$NewTeam = New-Team -DisplayName $NewTeamName
$GroupId = $NewTeam.GroupId
Import-csv createTeamChannels.csv | foreach{New-TeamChannel -GroupId $GroupId -DisplayName $_.cname -MembershipType $_.ctype}
Import-csv createTeamUsers.csv | foreach{Add-TeamUser -GroupId $GroupId -User $_.cuser -Role $_.crole}
Import-csv addChannelUsers.csv | foreach{Add-TeamChannelUser -GroupId $GroupId -DisplayName $_.cdisplayname -User $_.cuser}
Import-csv addChannelUsers.csv | foreach{Add-TeamChannelUser -GroupId $GroupId -DisplayName $_.cdisplayname -User $_.cuser -Role $_.crole}
Read-Host -Prompt 'Error Catching'

Everything goes well until line 7. Every member gets added successfully, but Frontend Teams I can only see the Creator(Me) as an Owner. Otherwise it says “Members and guest(0)”.

The strange thing is if I use Get-TeamChannelUser on a private channel it lists each member correctly. This isn’t a time lag thing though as I’ve waited a long time in each test case. My thought was well maybe the member just don’t show up Frontend so I tried the next line(10) to promote members to owners and I get this error:

Add-TeamChannelUser : Failed to find the user on the channel roster.

I am at a loss. I’ve got MicrosoftTeams 2.2.0 Preveiw, PackageManagement 1.4.7, and PowerShellGet 2.2.5

Please help, thanks.