microsoft excel – Why can’t I show every graduation of the x axis of a graph?

I’m currently trying to make a graph on Excel based on a specific dataset. The dataset is formatted in a way that I have never encountered before and I think it’s the reason why I don’t figure how to show every graduation of the X axis of my graph.

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I have made availible a copy of the Excel file via my Google Drive if you want to see it by yourself :

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I don’t understand why I can’t show every graduation on the X axis of the graph. The graph is showing “2000Q1, 2000Q3, 2001Q1, 2000Q3…” and I would want something like “2000Q1, 2000Q2, 2000Q3, 2000Q4…”.

And when I go into the parameters of the graph and to the graduation category, I don’t find an option helping me.

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Sorry, my Excel is in French…

If anyone could help me to arrange the X axis to show every graduation that would be awesome, thanks in advance !