Microservices: I am making a decentralized service discovery system

I am making a decentralized service discovery system with built-in load balancing for distributed systems written in Node.js. My main idea is to create a faster, simpler and less complex alternative than other centralized systems such as Hashicorp Consul that involve load balancers and name resolution servers. This system is focused on medium or small projects that want to apply microservice architecture without so many complications

The architecture of this system is based on a decentralized node architecture where each node has in its memory a record of the location and status of the other nodes that are in its same cluster.

All the advantages of this system can be read in the Readme file of the repository.

I still have to write many technical details and documentation, but I think the main idea is clear.

I would like you to give me your criticism. Your negative reviews will be extremely positive for me and to know if I should continue working on this project.

Github Repository

Thank you!