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Dear Wjunction users

I am pleased to present our storage file …

SUBWAYexasHare It is a file exchange service where you can upload your files and share them with the public in a safe and reliable way.

Here are the main features we offer:

Upload file | Zoom loading | Remote loading (Registered users and Premium) | Upload FTP (Registered users and Premium)
Maximum file size of load ………… Anonymous: 500 MB …… Registered : 10 GB ……….. Premium: 10 GB
Maximum size of the download file ……. Anonymous: 2 GB ……….. Registered : 2 GB ………… Premium: 10 GB
Download speed ……………… Anonymous: Limited …… Registered : Limited …….. Premium: Unlimited
Storage space ………………….. Anonymous: X ……………. Registered : 200 GB ……… Premium: 10 TB

Affiliate plans:




Affiliate rules:

– You should have an account in SUBWAYexasHare to join our affiliate program. If you do not have an account yet, register now.
– We count each download completed successfully.
– We have a download from the same IP for 24 hours.
– We only have 100% of downloads completed.
– We do not count any download you do from your own files.
– We count downloads from all countries.
– We allow a single account for each user. If we detect that the same user has two or more accounts, he will be expelled immediately.
– Any attempt to cheat or abuse our system will cause the account to be prohibited even without prior notice.
– Protect the information in your account and do not share it with anyone.
– You can change your affiliate plan once a week.
– We reserve the right to make any changes to any of our affiliate plans, at any time.

Payment rules:

– You can withdraw your earnings through: PayComrade | Webmoney (Minimum payment: $ 1 )

– Once your profit reaches the minimum payment limit, you can use the "request payment" button to request your money.

– Payments will be processed within 24 hours after the request.

Why do you have to choose MexaShare?

– We have all the downloads and sales and we do not cheat our shippers because we are honest, in addition, our shippers are our partners and their success is our success.
– We offer statistics in real time in which users can verify their live gain, second to second without delay.
– Our statistics in real time are running from day 1 of our official start (2016-04-07), and there was no freeze or one minute from that date until now.
– We offer high rates in our PPD plan and we always try to increase them and keep improving in more countries.
– If you want us to increase our PPD rates, the best way is to start using our file host and send us as much traffic as possible. The more traffic we receive, the higher the rates we can offer in our PPD plan.
– We pay and we will always pay on time, and we are proud that from the first day of our host file until now there were 0 payment delays. You can check the payment vouchers of our partners in this thread.

Do not hesitate to ask me anything, and do not hesitate to inform us of any technical problems with our file provider.

All suggestions are welcome. Our team will do our best to improve the quality of the service we offer and to make sure you are satisfied with it.

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Note for new members:

Do not request to upgrade your free premium account if you have not yet uploaded some files, you have not published it and you started sending us traffic for at least three consecutive days.

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Some comments from our affiliate partners: