Methodology – How does the framework for Design Thinking relate to IDEO & # 39; s?

That's how I'm thinking about these DT models.

Stanford describes the Design Thinking method in (5) steps: Empathize, Define, Idea, Prototype, Y Test. IDEO describes it in (3) modes that are often, but not always, sequential: Inspiration, Y Implementation.

I suppose these models describe the same set of activities. For example, user interviews in the initial research phase are part of the & # 39; s program. Empathize Step and "Inspiration" mode of IDEO.

So here is my question.

What I wonder is where the lines are drawn (or if they are intrinsically blurred). For example, it makes Prototype map in Ideation, Implementation, Or both? Or is it my assumption that I am wrong, and these models are orthogonal instead of overlapping? And if so, what? is The relationship between them?

This is how the models look.

The model:

Diagram of steps of design

IDEO model:

IDEO 3 mode diagram