Meses2 months free | Placement PureVoltage ⚡⚡ | Real New York or LA 1U $ 79 | 48U INCREDIBLE OFFERS ⚡⚡

PureVoltage is a premium service provider with 6 global locations in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, Amsterdam. We focus on providing a superior level of service, efficiency and reliability. Since 2007, we provide outstanding solutions for Dedicated Servers, VPS, Placement and hosting to satisfied customers around the world.

Looking for Los Angeles or Real Placement of the city of New York? Not NJ or Buffalo NY? Without breaking the bank!

It is no longer necessary to look, we are right in the center of Los Angeles and in the city of New York, in the safest and most sought after space on the west and east coast.

New York placement agreement

48U APC Locking Racks in cage or private suite | 30Amps A + B 208Volt with 2KVA usable
(Additional KVA possible, contact us for more information)| 100Mbps in 1Gbps | PDU's included!

Only $ 695 per month +$ 1200 The installation fee was reduced to $ 500! You will not find a better offer in NY or NJ! Only until April 1! Hurry

2 months free within 36 months, get the 37th and 38th month free in full rack offers!

Placement 1U-2U 1Amp 208Volt 100Mbps in 1Gbps $ 79 + $ 50 per installation fee.

Hurry, the deal ends on April 1!

Connections to NYIIX (New York International Internet Exchange, $ 150 per 1Gbps port + $ 150 single fee per facility).

If you need something in Los Angeles, let us know we can make the same offers in the 42U racks.

Ready to order? Do you have any questions? Want a tour? Let us know