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Start: October 26, 2017.

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1) Small
With the return of interest and deposit at the end of the term of the plan.
• The amount of 10-100 $
• 107% gain.
• Deposit period: 10 calendar days.
• The body of the deposit is returned at the end along with%.

2) Start
With the return of the deposit agency at the end of the plan term. In this plan, the accumulations from Monday to Friday from Monday to Friday.
• Amount of 50-500 $
• Gain 0.6-0.8% per day.
• Deposit period: 90 days.
• The deposit body returns to the end.

3) Intelligent
With the body Deposit included in the daily percentage. Charges for calendar days
• The amount of 100-50 000 $
• Gain of 0.5% -1.5% per day
• Deposit term: 360 days.
• The body of the deposit is not returned at the end: the deposit is already included in the daily interest.

4) Tdadcoin
In bitcoins and other cryptographic currencies, it will be released later.

Contributions are subject to limits, both personal and general, for all project participants in general and may change; You can see them when you sign up for the project.

1) PerfectMoney

Payment of the order is made every Monday.
The money is paid within 96 hours from the time of the order, from Tuesday to Friday.
The minimum payment is 1 US dollar.


Relevant, deep and profitable referral programs!

To start attracting references, you need a deposit of only $ 10.

The choice of 3 types of reference programs.
Be careful when choosing a reference plan.
Change it will not be!

1) partner
Reward of reference with four levels:
5% of your partner's deposit of the 1st level,
2% of the 2nd level deposit of your partner,
1% of your partner's deposit 3rd level.
1% of your partner's deposit of the 4th level.

2) Manager
Reward of reference of a level:
9% of your partner's deposit from the 1st level,

Two-level reference reward:
6% of the deposits of 1st level partners.
3% of the deposits of partners of the 2nd level.

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