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MegaPush is the first advertising network that allows you to deliver advertising to users through Push notifications. The platform allows notifications to be sent to both desktop devices and mobile devices. Push notifications are an excellent way to remind existing customers about your products or services. When formed in 2018, Megapush managed to become a leader in the market due to its high quality traffic.

Our strengths:

✔ Traffic from all countries

✔ Detailed destination configuration (OS / platform / country / browser / ISP)

✔ The system works according to the CPC model.

✔ The minimum price is $ 0.001 per click

✔ Complete tracker (no need to use third-party trackers)

✔ Support 24/7

✔ Moderation 24/7

✔ Free daily cases

✔ simple and intuitive interface

✔ Reference program (7%)

✔ More than 12 million clicks per day.

Push notifications are also an excellent way to remind existing customers about your product or services.

What can you advertise through MegaPush?

· Products

· Free daily cases.

· Bets

· Betting house

· Draw

· Quotes

· Binary options

Payment system:

Direct transmission

• WebMoney

• Bitcoin

* ePagos

• paypal

Domestic transfer

• Promotional code

Transfers via interkassa with the Commission.

• Visa

* QIWI cabinet


Useful information:

1. Cases

2. Traffic statistics.