Mathematics – Simple automation of the trajectory of a car between 2 points

I would think it would be simple to have to drive a car from A to B, but apparently I could not solve it. My goal is to make a car start at a certain position and angle, calculate the best way to another position with another angle and then travel there.

Keep in mind that this car has a minimum turning radius, so you can not simply change the angles when turning. Also, I would like to see what I can do with the car that only travels in one direction, that is. There is no going back.

I have read many grid-based algorithms, but I do not see how I can translate them to what I need, which is probably a series of arcs and straight lines.

The closest I have found is Dubins Interval, which seems the closest thing to what I need, although I think it is old and probably has been replaced for a long time. I have outlined routes using this method, but I have had problems translating it into the programmatic form (C ++). I think the approximate idea is to align the minimum steering circles of the start and the goal, start spinning from the beginning until you're on the line, head towards the goal, and then simply go to the goal circle and curve it, or project an additional circle on the same line and use it to end up in the target circle in the opposite direction.

If someone knows an example, I prefer the code, or simple examples of driving, I would appreciate it.