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Hi all,

My most recent forum is shaping up pretty well and before continuing, I would like to ask if there is any interest in helping me with this adventure. Keep in mind that nothing is really final yet, but most things are clear and direct.

Basically, I am creating a new market community where people can sell domains, forums, websites, databases, services such as advertisements, applications, forum / website themes, etc. It's one thing that always kept me interested in the forums and I bet some of you have the same interest, otherwise they would not be here.

We have two ways to sell / buy things, through the real currency and our forum points system, which will not be delivered easily, so the points system will have a value for a long time. –

We are in IPB 4.4 and we have all the secondary applications. Therefore, money is not a problem in this forum and I do not expect anyone to contribute to it.

Basically, I want a good community in which we trust and respect each other when selling / buying things in which we put our interest.

It's a new place, so I do not expect much activity at first, but some of the staff that help me get started would be nice.

Does your interest awaken and would you like to be part of it? Cool! PM me and we can have a talk.