marketing – Photographers: one or many social personalities

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With photography covering a wide range of subjects, it is clear that many photographers are likely to face a problem when it comes to being active in social circles. You do not want to expose people interested in your "U" rating. work on the covers where you express your taste for the qualified content "18+".

So, does it make sense to split your accounts a bit, or maybe a lot?

Do any of you (A PERSONAL LEVEL) simply divide into 2 (Regular and NSFW), do some of you divide your personal interests more (Sport Erotic, Falmily Portrait), or do any of you dare to use a single account? ( Anything goes ).

I am particularly interested in how to divide the regular content if it can be considered as NSFW in a non-pornographic way. For example, an interest in modeling that is not nude, but that contains gore violence or fiction graphics. This makes it not suitable for family viewing, but neither will it attract fans of the erotic. So, should I have 3 presences (Universal / Regualar / NSFW)?

In other words:

So let's say that as a photographer you have several web / business presences:

Photograph of your name - Fashion, Family portrait, Local, Street
FA Media - Alternative, Dark, Music, Live Events, Light Fetish
Dark Eye Promotions - Main Fetish - BDSM
Erotic studies - Nude - Erotic

From a business perspective, you must own each of these as a site and a social media account, but on a personal level, how can you keep up with all the interests without having to set up another 4 mirror accounts for personal use?

Any example of how photographers from various niches execute their personal presences would be appreciated.