Marketing copy for the management school reservation system

@lightless: Thanks! Perfect just what I was looking for

Here are my answers, but I'm not very good at writing a "grab" copy, so I was wondering if anyone could help put it on its feet?

1) It will help to allow a better communication between the student and the instructor. Statistics show that 60% of student drivers prefer to book online. Student satisfaction! Automates a large number of processes saving the instructor time. Maintains a digital copy of all journals and reservations in case the newspaper is lost or the newspaper is too full. Access in motion with mobile internet technology. If there are several instructors, keep an eye on each one's diaries. Students can see what slot machines are available for booking lessons without having to call and ask the instructor to ask (when the instructor might be in a lesson). Calling companies when learning how to drive can be daunting, doing so online eliminates stress.

2 and 3) The features included will help attract more students, they will love the ease of use and the feel in the loop. Put them in control, save time for instructors so they can use their time more effectively. Another line of free communication.

4) Not only can be used to book lessons and interact with students. It also allows the student to have an account while an active student. Therefore, it allows them to access special driving resources, information, etc.

What you think? Can anyone help to chase this rabble in a decent sentence or 2?

Thank you