MAP Pack Busting Powerhouse – Embed your MAP and GMB to improve the ratings for $ 15

  • MAP Pack Busting Powerhouse - Embed your MAP and GMB to improve rankings

Everyone is looking for the secret to receive more phone calls …

More traffic through the door …

More visits on the web ……

Get ready, I'm going to spill the beans …

Get your MAP ranking

A universally accepted method to get there is Inserted Map. With this service, you can request multiple inlays of your Google Map in web 2.0 quality blogs. This significantly improves local SEO rankings and brand exposure.

Y – Linking your GMB (Google My Business) The page with relevant 2.0 websites for niches with contextual backlinks provides an additional blow of authority and credibility.

Here is another secret …

It is vital that your name, address and telephone number (NAP) of your company reach the web in as many properties as possible, since it has a positive effect and establishes that your company is a legitimate entity in the eyes of Google.

Social bookmarks With your business, NAP fulfills this purpose well.

Benefits of social bookmarking:

  • Diversity of anchor text
  • Increase legitimacy when NAP is added
  • Provide a "follow" link
  • Provide traffic to your website

Google loves these things!

If you have a GMB listing and a Google map: this service will be a GREAT benefit!

What you get ……

  1. Your Google or Bing Map embedded in old Web 2.0 sites … like Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress
  2. Make backlinks to your GMB or Google / Bing Map from a DIFFERENT set of Web 2.0 aged
  3. Social bookmarks with you MAP or GMB Link, plus NAP
  4. Full detailed report


Code embedded in the map



Business NAP

1-3 keywords

This service has no qualifications – order and leave first!

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