Mandatory Fields Error on Manual order pay page – woocommerce

I’m facing issues with required mandatory fields on the manually generated orders page (payment link through email).

WooCommerce scenario: an order is created by admin. This order’s payment link is sent by email to the customer to pay.

Link like this:

The problem is that when I’m trying to proceed with the payment it says

"Sorry, there was an error: The field Address is mandatory., The field City Name is mandatory."

My question is, there are no user entry fields on this page then why it is showing mandatory fields required. FYI this is working fine on chrome browsers(desktop only) but when the same link is accessed from chrome mobile or safari the error shows up. above give link is the working link, kindly assist me here.

I’m not using any kind of plugin to manage checkout fields.
This feels strange as there are no fields on the page but it still shows the required fields error.