malware – Qubes OS or TENS for security? Is Qubes a good idea for a total beginner?

Which would be the most appropriate to use for the greatest possible safety? TENS looks very simple and direct, that's why I like it. However, I have hardly seen anyone who suggests it, I guess they do not trust their developers (USAF Research Lab). Most seem to recommend Qubes OS or Tails.

Keep in mind that I am not interested in a Tor or I2P distro, I would like to know which is the optimal distro to use on a computer that could be potentially infected and that no matter how many links or defective files it opens, nothing would. be affected after a restart.

I have also seen many people say that the Qubes operating system is very difficult to configure correctly and is a bad idea for a Linux beginner. And what does that mean?

Thank you!