malware – Getting AVAST alert during program update/upgrade in Kali Linux

So i started to use VirtualBox in windows 10 and i would like to know if those alert from my windows 10 security program (avast antivirus), during my installation/upgrading of TheHarvester program at virtualmachine Kali Linux of VirtualBox will cause any threat or harm to my personal computer? ( I am really concerned about the others getting chance hacking into my pc XD )

And here are the blocked stuff from avast logs:

1)ELF:AirCrack-B (Tool) (|>data.tar.xz|>data.tar|>.usrbinaircrack-ng)

2)ELF:Flooder-NY (Trj) (|>data.tar.xz|>data.tar|>

3)Win32:GenMaliciousA-GHG (PUP) (|>data.tar.xz|>data.tar|>.usrsharewindows-resourcesmimikatzWin32mimidrv.sys)

4)Win64:Malware-gen (|>data.tar.xz|>data.tar|>.usrsharerespondertoolsMultiRelaybinmimikatz.exe)

5)BV:Downloader-MA (Trj) (|>data.tar.xz|>data.tar|>

6)Win32:PUP-gen (PUP) (|>data.tar.xz|>data.tar|>.usrsharewindows-resourceswcegetlsasrvaddr.exe)