Make up to $ 50 a month with a game! [PAYMENT PROOF] – Other opportunities to earn money

Hello, I want to explain how I am making a lot of money with a web based game. It's easy, you can earn up to $ 1000 per month without any investment.

My Profit Land is a strategy game that has the possibility of converting virtual money into real money in our bank accounts.

1) Register here:

During registration choose Serbia or Switzerland as a country.

You can register with my referral or not. If you do not register in this link, you will still end up as an administrator recommendation.

So it is the same. But at least I offer you tutorial.

2) Log in. Do not work! Go to activities> recruitment. Recruit 10 times Each recruit will take 10 minutes. So with your current energy, you will earn more than you work. If you want to increase your profit, I suggest investing a small amount of money.

3) Try to recruit 10 times. Wait if there is no recruit until they appear. If you think you earn enough then you can work. The work will take 4 hours per shift. So you can not do anything while you work.

4) If you can not recruit because there are no more players, resume it after work. Recruit until you get 10.
After that we worked the second shift for 4 hours. Remember that you need to work 2 times in 24 hours or 6 times in 72 hours. At the sixth time, you will receive a large bonus based on the bonus offered by the government, energy and economic score.

(energy + ES) / 2 = your productivity%

If you have 10% productivity and the bonus at this time is 650 PTE, you earn 65 PTE.

This way you will win faster than another new player. You need to recruit while your energy is still high on the first day.

Take that house for a week and have a party! If you did not find any, try to sign up for a homeless shelter when they are available. Go to the market> Real estate market

The shelter for the homeless is limited. Its up to the government to provide how much space for the citizen.

Do not bother to make war.

You need to keep a lot of energy to join the war unless you want to ruin yourself before. Rent a mansion or stay in a shelter. Get money until you can buy the entire fabric game. High energy means high damage done in war.

Then, if you need help, write me in telegram and I will send you a guide to increase your profit (in your message box you will receive a message with my Telegram username).

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