magento2 – Search without results

The full text search does not work at all, there are no product names or any other keywords. The advanced search works if you do not use the product name (all sku and attr fields work, as soon as you enter something in the product name, it fails).

Deleting caches, re-indexed several times.

I notice that catalogsearch_fulltext_scope1 is empty.
catalogsearch_fulltext_cl has 9 results.

It was running a week ago and we have not changed any files. There was a server crash.

There are no errors in var / reports and the records show nothing.

The strange note that I'm not sure is relevant, but when you choose a category for a product, after saving it is not shown in the product manager, but it does in the category.

All products are visible on the front in categories and work normally.

I'm running in circles! Has anyone found zero search results before? There are 600 odd product, magento 2.2.1