magento2 – payement on paypal not matching amount in cart magento 2

Paypal «change» the amount that it’s supposed to collect from the total basket of our website.

On our website we sell physical and downloadable products.
Everytime we have a «physical sale» which mean me need an adress to send, everything is correct. The correct amount is «captured» by Paypal.

The problem occurs when a client buy mp3 which does not required a specific adress.
Magento calculate the correct provincial taxes, so in the basket the amount is correct, once, the client click to pay, he still can see the correct amount but by the final stage of the payment process, the total withdraw from the customer account is not including the provincial tax.

Ex. MP3 is 9,95$ + 5% tx (0,50$). + 9,975% tx (0,99$) = 11,49$
In there’s only mp3 in the basket, Paypal will charge only 10,45$

It seems to happen only for the client who use chrome and their Paypal account.

Any idea what could be done ?