magento2 – Magento 2 level automatic price increase price ID

I am currently generating new Level Prices based on the values ​​I am transmitting. The Structure of the Level Price looks like this:

        "price_id": "1",
        "website_id": "0",
        "all_groups": "0",
        "cust_group": "1",
        "price": "5.0000",
        "price_qty": "1.0000",
        "percentage_value": null,
        "website_price": "5.0000"

However, as you can see the price ID I had to set as "1". By doing this same process through the Magento Advanced Price, an automatic increment ID number is attached to the Level Price. I'm looking for a way to get to where that automatic increment number is and add it to my tier price.