magento2 – How to update the price of bulk product more effectively

I am looking for an effective way to update the price of the product in bulk, especially for configurable products.

I have gone through some solutions but they are all good for static products.

So for the configurable products I have updated the price in the following way:

update catalog_product_index_price set price = price * 1.2,
final_price = final_price * 1.2, final_price = final_price * 1.2,
min_price = min_price * 1.2, max_price = max_price * 1.2 where
entity_id = 885

I have shown a product only for your understanding. Now the problems is that it does not update the price of the product in front. I have cleared the charges but there is no luck until now. Could you help me please?