magento2.4 – Show product attribute on product page magento 2.4

i need to show an attribute to product page under the name of the product. The attribute is text and the code is plustile

I try to load it to a shopbybrand extension that has a block in the wanted area with the code

// check attribute exists (Where 'dimension' is the attribute code for your attribute)
if ($attribute = $this->getProduct()->getResource()->getAttribute('flooring_width')): ?>
    // get label for the current store (in case you have multiple stores and languages)
    $_attribute_label = $attribute->getStoreLabel(Mage::app()->getStore()->getName());
    // get the attribute value (for other attributes change getDimension to getName where name is the name of your attribute );
    $_attribute_value = $this->getProduct()->getFlooringWidth();
    // check there is a value for the attribute
    if (isset($_attribute_value)): ?>
            <?php echo $_attribute_label . ': ' . $_attribute_value; ?>
    <?php endif; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

or something else like that i get
Error: Call to a member function getResource() on null in

i try to make an extension like

but with no success

Can you advise for the correct way to do it or
Do you know any extension to do this?

Thank you