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I have installed the previous version of Magento 2 (without sample data) on my hosting site 1an1. No installation errors, however, style sheets are not loading. I have tried some suggestions to correct here and in the forum of magento, but most, if not all the answers, use the terminal console or similar for the corrections to which I do not have access.

When I search in the pub / static folder there are no css files. I'm not sure if this is a rewrite problem or not. Pub folder has been established with 777 file permissions through filezilla ftp.

I did not use the compositor because I'm not really sure how to use it on a hosted site.

I also get an error 500 from the internal server when trying to access the administration area

Do I need to copy the css files to the static folder or elsewhere?

This lack of css, etc. It seems to be a common problem with the installation, but I have NO idea how to fix it in 1and1. Any help would be appreciated however, please, make it simple for me please.

Versions: PHP 7.2 SQL 5.7

Kind regards Kate
Root Homepage

Internal server error at administrator login