magento2.3 – Integrating Microsoft Calirty Tracking Code Into Magentos2.3.5 CMS?

Hi does anyone know where I can put the Clarity Tracking Code in Magentos website? Here are the steps listed below. We have the first step completed setting up the Clarity account. But not sure about step 3.

Step 2: Go to ‘Setup’ and copy the Clarity tracking code.

Step 3 – Paste it into the section of your website. For this you need to check where to put Clarity tracking code in Magento CMS for Upper Limits Inc.

Yea, I am not sure where to put this tracking code in the CMS of Magento. It does not give me directions for Magento setup, see image and tracking code below. So can this work with Magento?

<script type="text/javascript">
    })(window, document, "clarity", "script", "");

Thanks for any help!