magento2.3 – Free shipping for specific weight calculation categories

I am using Magento v2.3.4 and trying to create a free shipping shopping cart rule that will grant free shipping for products in specific categories if the order amount exceeds $ 75.00.

The rule is working, but when I add a product from a category that shouldn't receive free shipping, it is calculating the shipping cost based on the weight of all the products in the cart (including those that should receive free shipping) and I would just like will charge shipping based on the weight of products that do not belong to the free shipping categories.

I have the rule settings as follows

In the conditions tab:

If ANY  of these conditions are TRUE :

    Subtotal (Excl. Tax)  equals or greater than  75.00

Under the actions tab

If ALL  of these conditions are TRUE :

    Category  is one of  82,84

Free Shipping: For Matching Items Only