magento2.3 – Can’t find where my meta title for the homepage is pulling from – Magento 2.3.6

So I’ll start by saying I’m not a coder, I just work on the ‘front end’ in Magento 2. I’ve updated all our sites meta details for products, categories and content pages, but I can’t find where to update the homepage.

I checked the content page that was set as the CMS homepage in Stores -> Configuration -> General -> Web -> Default Pages -> CMS Home Page. Went to that page in Content -> Pages, and the metas in there were blank and not showing what is currently displaying (it’s clearly been entered somewhere as it isn’t text from our hompage). I did enter the new info here just in case but it didn’t work.

I also checked in configuration > design > HTML Head to make sure it wasn’t a default, but it’s not there either.

Is there anywhere else this information could be stored? I don’t know how to access or run any code so if that is what needs doing I can ask our techs, but it seems like it should be something I should be able to update!