magento2.2 – Magento2: the customer's cart section can not be reloaded.

I am using the welpixel quick view extension to quickly see the list of products, but due to some customizations I can not use it as is. So I just used your url to get html and attachments using jQuery as:

$ (& # 39; # & # 39; + appendDiv) .html (& # 39;& # 39;);

Now everything works fine, accept one thing that when adding to the cart I can not update the customer's minimum shopping cart section.

Approaches attempted:

Focus 1:


Focus 2:

($, customerData) {
sections var = ['cart'];
customerData.invalidate (sections);
customerData.reload (sections, true);


At welpixel quickview, I found a JS in which, after addtocart, I'm inside. I also checked the console and got results there successfully, then I used the second approach as

require (& # 39; Magento_Customer / js / customer-data & # 39;). reload (['cart']false

When doing it in Network, I can see that my ajax GET section is called and that it contains the correct data of the cart, but unfortunately it has not been reflected in the interface. There is no error in the console also at this time.

What I do with In JS that is, approach 2 should work, but unfortunately it is not. The cache was also deleted, var / *, generated, incognito but without luck.

Any idea how I can do this?