magento2.2.6 – Magento2 – The new products added after the update from 2.2.1 to 2.2.6 are not displayed in the interface

When I add new products after the update to 2.2.6, the new products are not displayed in the front-end category or displayed in the search result.

but I can access the product directly from the product URL.

To investigate further the problem, I installed an extension: visibility of GITHUB product GRID,
shown in white below the column – It's visible in the category

Here is a comparison when I select a store view and compare two products that are displayed in the interface and not in the product visibility grid.

Product visibility Grid

Where and how can I solve it? I checked the entire product and could not find anything that could solve.

I have already deleted the entire cache, run re-indexer, etc.