macos – Macbook Air system fails and fsck does not work

My macbook air 13 (mid 2013) cannot boot correctly. It stops at the Apple logo loading screen.
After getting into the single user mode, here is the error I got by runningfsck -fy (didn’t find any information about the error code):
enter image description here

After running the command mount -uw /, I got this and the process just hangs there:enter image description here

I think because of some failed system files or potentially damaged hard drive, the system cannot boot or mount the main drive (macintosh HD). I also tried to re-install the OS in the recover mode and it was just stuck during the initial process (seems related to the mounting problem). I also used the diskutil repairVolume command, but the process went on for 10 hours without any results (guess it’s also stuck).
Any ideas about how to solve this problem? Is there a way to force formating the main drive without mounting it?