machine learning – Pseudo-dimesnon of a subset of affine functions

Let’s say there are two sets of affine functions.

  1. $mathcal{A} = {ax +b | a,b in mathbb{R}}$
  2. $mathcal{H} = {2x + 1, x, 3x + 4, 4x}$

I know that the $Pdim(mathcal{A}) = 2$. From my understanding the $Pdim(mathcal{H})$ is also equal to 2 as I can find ${x_1, x_2}$ and $z_1, z_2$ such that for all subsets $T subseteq {x_1, x_2}$, there is a function $f in mathcal{H}$ such that $forall x in T, f(x) geq z_1$ and $forall x notin T f(x) < z_1$.

Is my intuition correct?