macbook – Wake On Lan for Mac Book Pro Model A1502 (EMC 2835)

I have two models A1502 (EMC 2835), which are shown as MacBook Pro Retina 13-inch in early 2015. One of them is running 10.13.6, and the other is running 10.14.

I use an ASIX AX88179 USB ethernet adapter and have problems configuring Wake On Lan.

So here are some usual suspects that I have already investigated:

  1. The AX88179 USB Ethernet adapter works correctly. I installed it with the driver downloaded from the manufacturer's site and it lights up green in the Network preference. I also used it to activate a PC, so there should not be any physical flaws with this adapter.

  2. I have enabled "Wake for network access" in the Energy Saver interface, and when the Mac shuts down with the power on, the Ethernet adapter LED continues to flash, which I think indicates that the Ethernet adapter is properly powered.

  3. I tried to use sudo nc -ul 9 Y sudo nc -ul 4343 from the Terminal to sniff for the magic pack, and detect the following signal:
    ?????? P? $? P? $?
    with repeat P? $?, which I think is the correct content of the magic pack

  4. As mentioned above, my local network allows UDP transmission and the device that sends the magic packet (the PC) is in the same network

  5. I confirmed by triple that I entered the correct MAC address

So here I am, I still can not wake any of the Macs. Has anyone experienced similar problems?