MacBook Pro 2016. The screen dims as you extend the display panel.

The screen of my MBP dims as it extends the screen panel and blacks go beyond 70 degrees. I have seen this problem that other people face. No solution has been suggested, except the replacement of the screen. Why does the "revered" Apple company not recognize that this is a known problem and provides an exception for the repair? It's frustrating to have spent a fortune in a notebook just to see it fail in 15 months (I had dark bands at the bottom of the screen to start over the last 6 months, but I thought it might be a temporary problem)
The screen costs half the price of the laptop, (an amount that will pay 3 months rent from my apartment in India)
All I can say is "shame."
Apple products are not what they were. It's time for people to see through the hype.