MacBook Air M1 battery drain when sleeping

My new Macbook Air(M1 Chip, Big Sur 11.1) uses a lot of the battery during sleep mode I talked with apple support regarding this issue and I have been told to reinstall macOS. I reinstalled macOS and the issue has been left. Again I called them and they told me I should give the laptop to one of MacBook resellers to check the computer. I gave my new MacBook to Macfroum and I received this answer after five days: ” The Battery drain somewhat when in sleep mode, but nothing out of the specifications Apple has published. Apple diagnostics report no issue with the battery.” However, Macfroum thinks drain battery 1% percentage every hour is normal!!!. I called Apple support again and they recommended asking Macfroum to reinstall the OS via Apple Configurator 2. Macfroum restored the firmware, erased, and reinstalled the OS via Apple Configurator 2. I checked again the computer and I had the same issue look at the following picture. All applications were closed and did not install any program on the laptop. I compare it with my old MacBook Air and the old one just lost 2 % battery with many open applications. I had the issue from the first day that I bought this new MacBook Air(M1) and it is around two weeks I am trying to fix it and had contact with Apple to fix the issue.

enter image description here