mac: Exchange public folder calendars can not be accessed from MacOS

Similar questions to this have been formulated previously, but the answers are not correct for this situation. (How to see public Exchange calendars from iCal?)

MacOS 10.14.1 Mojave (same in previous versions)
In the corporate network of Windows with the Exchange server running in Outlook 365, I think.

In Outlook 2016 for Mac, as well as in BusyCal and Fantastical, I can access public folder calendars without any problem.

But in MacOS I can not. I subscribe to my Exchange account in Pref. System – Accounts, and my email, notes, etc., everything works fine. My personal exchange calendar is visible and works. But public calendars do not appear.

Things I've tried:
All the solutions published here: How to see the public calendars of Exchange from iCal?

  • Delegates do not work because someone's personal calendar has not been shared.
  • Adding folders to Favorites in OWA does not add them to
  • Copying and sharing via email does not work, it only gives you a static copy of the calendar, not a live update calendar.